Compensation Philosophy

As a growing school organization, we have established a baseline approach aligned to our values and core programing, which we expect to refine together with the input of our growing team of teachers, leaders, and our board of directors.

We invest each dollar we are entrusted with intentionally, including salary & benefits, quality instructional coaches, school culture leadership and support personnel, hardware and software for maximizing teacher time, and equitable transportation to ensure students across the metro can access our school community. Each choice has an interdependent impact on our overall approach.

At EAST, we commit to the shared values of respect, integrity, curiosity, responsibility, and doing your best. Thus, we believe in a compensation approach that is financially responsible, clear and transparent, and recognizes performance and commitment over time. One of the most challenging parts of opening a school is operating in a public education system that is underfunded both nationally and at the state level.  EAST is publishing the following document to be as transparent as possible on staff salaries, why the salaries were set in their current ranges, and what you can expect if you join our team.


Our initial compensation philosophy is rooted in three key principles:

Financially Responsible: In order to serve our students and mission well, we must operate within our means. Salaries and benefits must be affordable given a 5-year forecast. Seemingly small increases one year can create unforeseen needs to cut benefits or staff down the line. We will also work to supplement our state and federal resources with fundraising; however, most fundraising will focus on growth in early years, especially in front loaded staffing and facility costs.

Clear and Transparent: Our compensation strategy is intended to be simple and clear.  You will know how much you make, why you make what you do, what benefits are available to you and what they are worth, and what your path is for future growth.  As a young and growing school, we will continue to evolve this strategy as our team, structure, capacity, and work grows.

Rewards Outstanding Performance: Compensation is commensurate with level of responsibility and associated impact; we have high expectations for all team members and pay people accordingly.  As a dynamic and growing organization, you can expect your compensation to grow each year.  Also, as a results-oriented organization, you will be recognized for results that impact core aspects of our mission: student growth and achievement, team, and community.

Not all organizations choose to be transparent about compensation.  We choose to be transparent to be accountable to our commitment to equity.  While we offer this document as a resource, the compensation details below may change based on a myriad of factors that determine a school’s budget.  However, all changes will be public and this document will be updated accordingly.

Teachers – Starting Salaries

Years of Experience as Teacher of Record
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+
$44,000 $45,760 $47,132 $48,545 $50,001 $51,501 $52,546 $54,122 $55,745 $57,417 $59,139

2023-2024 Other Salaried Staff 

Role Salary Range
Principal $70,000-$90,000
Dean of Instruction $55,000-$70,000
Dean of Students $55,000-$70,000
SPED Coordinator $45,000-$60,000
Office Manager $40,000-$55,000
Technology Coordinator $35,000-$50,000

2023-2024 Non-Exempt (Hourly) Staff 

The pay for all non-exempt staff is based on a fixed hourly amount and is set at a starting rate to be above living hourly wage (currently defined as $14.63/hour in Toledo, OH) at $20.00/hour.

Raise Framework for 2024-25 School year

  • Flat 3% raise for all
  • Returning bonus $1,000
  • Outstanding Performance Bonus Opportunity
School Leaders and Other Salaried Staff
  • Flat 3% raise
  • Returning bonus $1,000
Non-Exempt (Hourly) Staff 
  • Flat 8% raise
  • Returning bonus $1,000


Stipends are another tool for compensation. Having an “all-school teacher mindset” means that we will each be involved voluntarily in the life of the school, including supporting students at out-of-school activities and taking on various responsibilities or leadership roles. Stipends are provided for designated responsibilities that include the following characteristics: considered a “core” program/role/offering, leading/coordinating a group of students/families/staff, a regular cadence, progress reporting, and having a final product, performance, and/or outcomes.

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